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Mark Brannigan started writing his first book on 4 March 2012 when he was still 10 years old. He’s a mathematician, a scientist, a computer programmer and a fan of the Great Thinkers. People like Newton, Darwin and Einstein.

And Mark does like to push the boundaries! Already, as part of the mainly adult software developer community in London, Mark has become a regular attendee at BarCamps and Hackathons. His public speaking career started with BarCamp London 6 when at the age of 7, Mark and his pet dog (a robot called “Aibo”) gave a talk on artificial intelligence. Mark later told his audiences in Cambridge and in Bath about using mobile apps to learn Japanese, and more recently he has made guest appearances on the BBC and ITV.

In truth, there are few boundaries which cannot be pushed. Mark says that you can learn HTML and PHP at an early age. You can even start writing books about coding for kids!

Paul Brannigan is primarily a businessman, and also happens to be a qualified, secondary school teacher of ICT.

Like many people during the early days of the web, his coding skills were entirely self taught, and that’s a trend which is still evident amongst coders today! In 1999 when the dot com crash arrived, Paul closed his web business to concentrate on other more rewarding work. He’s an award winning professional speaker, and he’s an expert on time management and on getting things done. Back in January 2008 he implemented the paperless office at his businesses in London and in Folkestone and he says he’s never looked back “we’ve been doing this for some years now and it’s an absolute luxury!”

In his spare time Paul runs 10km races and is preparing to do a marathon. His hobbies include cookery, foreign travel and foreign languages. He claims to be able to speak five foreign languages badly, but with confidence! And his secret to success is in his blood. His motto and his blood group are both “be positive”!


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