the 20 questions game

workbook 1 – the 20 questions game

Have you ever played the children’s game 20 questions? Think of an animal – you know the rest! Now imagine if you could program your own computer to play the game! And include a system which is able to capture every animal that you could ever imagine?

  • It’s so simple, a 10 year old could do it.
  • 12 units about using HTML and PHP
  • 12 appendices with the complete code
  • Cross platform – Windows – Mac – Linux
  • Based entirely on free, open-source software
  • Extention tasks for the more advanced

The book is available to order directly from the publishers.

If you have the book already and you want a copy of the ready made CSV file, have a look in The Den! We’d rather you didn’t! Remember, you’re supposed to be making your own CSV file!

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